Monday, July 8, 2013

First toy drop in 2013

This morning Alexander and I went shopping to AH XL, and took a little bag with us, which contained 3 crocheted sweets. They're about 4 inches big, and the pattern can be found HERE. Aren't they cute?
The (Secret) Toy Society, which made me start with dropping toys a couple of years ago, is back again, and I just mailed them this drop, so it will be visible on their blog soon. As they're working on getting things posted from the time they were down, it can take longer than the usual day.
Always love the part of trying to put them somewhere, unnoticed, and take a picture of that location. It's perfectly normal to take a picture of your son standing at an empty packing table in a supermarket, right?
Hope the package is going to find a good home!


  1. jeej je bent weer aan het bloggen leuk! Die snoepjes ook trouwens;)

  2. Dank je wel, ja, ik vond ze ook erg grappig. Had nog een paar restjes van die Nigar wol van Zeeman liggen, en daar heb ik ze van gehakt, was het precies op :)
    Het werd wel tijd he, dat ik weer eens blogde... 2 geleden zag ik. Toch wat meer bij houden!

    1. gehaAkt dus, dat zal duidelijk zijn.