Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eva Owl Event @ JMD Designs

Recently I found the blog JMD Designs, a New Zealand designer. She's currently hosting the Eva Owl Event, where she offers a pattern which you can use with your own ideas. There are 2 categories, 1 for handstitched (embroidery or applique), and 1 for anything else; machine-stitching, painting, scrapbooking, sculpting, whatever. There are prizes to be won, and she also gives out random prizes! But even without prizes, I had to participate, just loving owls, right?

This is the pattern, which you can download as a pdf with instructions on her blog:

This is the stuffy that I made with the pattern:

I also made a couple of buttercup-bags (pattern from Rae Hoekstra). The grey bag hasn't got a destination yet, but just wanted to use the fabric.

Calculated what the bag cost me to make it, and it's almost too cheap to tell...
1. Fabric from a sale at a decostore, 10 really large pieces for only 5 euros! Used half a piece, so that's 25 cents.
2. Lining was a leftover from a friend, 0 cent.
3. Batting, found at the thrift-store, let's say a generous 10 cents?
4. Button for the flower (which is from the lining-fabric, by the way), 25 cents at Xenos (pack of 8 for 1,99)
5. Thread to sew the whole thing, 25 cents
6. Snap... perhaps 1 cent
Stunning total: 86 euro cents! That's US $1,18...
This wine-red bag was for a girl that had a skirt her mother made with this fabric. I made her the bag and little coin-purse to match.
Also made her this hat and scrunchy:
This evening there's a craft-evening from the ladies society of our church, going to be crocheting with zpagetti (bags) and cotton (tea-pot, cups and saucers, cookies, cupcakes), for the charity-sale later this month.
There's so much that I need to do, and want to do, only there's not enought time in a week...