Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Auction for Australia


As the other items I put up didn't get a bid till today, I decided to put up another item for auction. It's a set of 3 calendula guest-soaps, approx. 65 gr. together.

The content of these soaps are palm-fat, coconut-oil, sunflower-oil and olive-oil. I also added calendula-leaves in the hot oil and mixed these well, all cooked up. So I don't think it's a problem importing these into Australia.

The rules are the same as for the other auction:
  1. Bidding starts at $5.
  2. Comment on this post to bid, with your email-address and amount you wish to bid included. Be sure to bid higher than the comment before you.
  3. Bids must be in whole dollar increments.
  4. Open to international bidders, I'll take care of the postage fees myself!
  5. Auction ends on Monday Jan. 24 midnight EST.
  6. At the end of the auction I'll contact the winner. The winner will pay directly to the Premiers Flood Appeal and send me proof of payment via email.
  7. I then will mail the soap out to you.
  8. Thanks for participating, and happy bidding!

New (to me) blogs to follow

For a blog-swap on we had 2 partners. We're to visit their blogs, leave a comment and write a bit about it on my own blog. That's easy! Through those blogs you find more interesting blogs, and more on those, etc... too much inspiration again!
The first blog I want to review is Madeliefste, a blog about personal things, and her hobby/business, soap-making. She's got the cutest cup-cake soaps, like these:
Love them!

The second blog is Het oranje eendje with a lot of creative inspiration. I mean, look at it, how creative can someone be?? She's got lovely sewing projects finished, I love the heart-banner she made for her little girl:
I hope you have fun reading those blogs too, just like me!
Don't forget about the auction in the post below, and more important, place a bid to help raise money for the victims of the Australian floods!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Auction for Australia


A group of creative women in the blog world have launched a flood relief auction, that runs for a week and will end on Monday 24th at midnight EST (that's Tuesday 6 am Dutch time).

Toni and Carli at "Make it Perfect" did a great job of putting together this amazing auction! You can read the complete masterlist of auctions there.

I decided to put up 2 items, a cute cupcake-hat for a baby-girl (newborn to approx. 3-4 months)

and a crocheted bracelet. Here my 6-yo is showing it off, but it also fitted my 11-yo.

Here is how it works:
  1. Bidding starts at $5.
  2. You can place your bid by commenting on this post, be sure to include your email-address, the item you're bidding on and the amount you wish to bid. Be sure it's higher the bid before.
  3. Bids must be in whole dollar increments
  4. Bidding is open to everyone, no postage fees!
  5. Auction ends on Monday January 24th, midnight EST.
  6. At the end of the auction I will contact the winner. The winner will pay directly to the Premiers Flood Appeal and send me proof of payment via email.
  7. I then will mail your choice out to you.
  8. Thanks for participating, and happy bidding!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Owls everywhere!

In een van mijn eerdere posts liet ik vallen dat ik van uiltjes hield... als bewijs zijn hier mijn laatste projecten!

Alles heb ik gemaakt voor Swap-bot (voor degene die niet weet wat dat is:
Het uiltje voor de Roy G. Biv owl swap green.
Het roze uilenkussen, poppetje en uiltjes-sleutelhanger voor een privé-swap met Bouwiena (voor haar dochtertje die haar kamer in deze kleuren heeft). Kraaltje is leuk, hè? Bij Xenos gehaald.
Het witte setje van mutsje en sjaaltje is voor iemand in verwachting van een meisje.
Het uilentasje en de rest op de foto ging in een doorgeefpakketje van de Dutch Swappers-groep. Alles zelfgemaakt, inclusief de zeepjes.

Dat is trouwens leuk, zeep maken! Mijn schoonmoeder vindt het maar niks, nu ze weet wat er in zeep zit, ze koopt het liever in de winkel... ja hoor, daar zit veel meer troep in! Maar ja, wat op de verpakking staat klinkt natuurlijk veel interessanter dan dat je zegt dat je zeep maakt van frietvet en gootsteenontstopper... misschien moet ik voortaan gewoon maar zeggen: ik gebruik palmvet en natriumhydroxide. En olijfolie en kokosolie. En dan nog de toevoegingen, zoals bv. honing, goudsbloemblaadjes, koffie en/of geurolie.
De zeepjes staan ook in de post van mijn Twinkelstyle-producten. Experimenteren is leuk, toen ik probeerde een koffiegeurtje te krijgen met verschillende geurolies, werd het meer een koekjes-geur, dus heb ik het zeepje maar Koekje bij de koffie-zeep genoemd...

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I like owls. Here is the proof, with my latest projects. Everything is made for Swap-bot (for those that don't know it:
The green owl was made for the Roy G. Biv owl swap Green.
The pink pillow and owl-keyring were made for a private swap with Bouwiena, for her little girl who has her room in these colors.
The white set of little hat and scarf is made for a pregnant gir who's expecting a daughter.
The owl-bag and other products on the picture were added to a PIF-package of the Dutch swappers group. Made everthing myself, including the soaps.

By the way, that's so cool, soap-making! My MIL doesn't like it one bit, now she knows what's in soap, she prefers to buy it in the shop... yes sure, there's more bad stuff included in factory-made soaps! But alright, it sounds a lot more interesting what's on the package, then when I say that I make soap of frying oil and sink plunger (not the red sucker-thing, but chemical stuff).... Maybe I should say I use palm-fat and sodium hydroxide, in the future. And olive-oil and coconut-oil. And then the additives, like honey, calendula-leaves, coffee and/or fragrance oils.
The soaps are also posted in my post of my Twinkelstyle-products. Experimenting is fun, like when I tried to get a coffee-scent with different fragrance oils. But it became more of a cookie-scent, so I called it Cookie with the coffee-soap...