Friday, January 21, 2011

New (to me) blogs to follow

For a blog-swap on we had 2 partners. We're to visit their blogs, leave a comment and write a bit about it on my own blog. That's easy! Through those blogs you find more interesting blogs, and more on those, etc... too much inspiration again!
The first blog I want to review is Madeliefste, a blog about personal things, and her hobby/business, soap-making. She's got the cutest cup-cake soaps, like these:
Love them!

The second blog is Het oranje eendje with a lot of creative inspiration. I mean, look at it, how creative can someone be?? She's got lovely sewing projects finished, I love the heart-banner she made for her little girl:
I hope you have fun reading those blogs too, just like me!
Don't forget about the auction in the post below, and more important, place a bid to help raise money for the victims of the Australian floods!

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